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Engineering for the best outcome.

A bunker or shelter is personal. So much so that most owners keep both the existence and the location a well-guarded secret, even from close friends or family. We design each unit to discretely “fit” into any property design and terrain without drawing undue attention, and get the install completed quickly to avoid an extended “footprint” that might disclose your bunker or shelter location.

Support systems must be sustainable, redundant and foolproof. With over 30 years of combined military experience we know what could happen often does and we design our products accordingly. A shelter must be able to withstand high winds and violent weather including tornadoes, and also offer a reasonable degree of security and protection from the elements. A bunker is significantly stronger, and must be impregnable to all kinds of disasters from weather and natural disaster to social upheaval or attack in order to perform in the worst-case scenario. It must be impervious to CBRN threats. Water and air systems must be sustainable and secure, and food supplies must be pre-staged and stored appropriately. When something happens, you will not have the luxury of time—remember, it’s when, not if. There must be a secured egress—a way of escape in the event of blockage or discovery. Our products are engineered around these principles.

A bunker or shelter must be comfortable. To survive is not enough—you must prevail, and that starts and ends with a sharp mind—influenced greatly by living conditions. When everything above ground has gone wrong, the things you and your family could witness would be disturbing to say the least. But safe in a comfortable and secure bunker or shelter, the “fear factor” will be much less impactful and omnipresent.

The bunker-building process

Our 55,000 square foot plant enables us to design, build and test your bunker or shelter all under one roof…we do it all right here. We can go from blank sheet to finished design to shipped unit within XYZ days depending on installation of support systems and equipment. We use repurposed shipping containers as our template—and our own proprietary steel honeycomb reinforcement to insure the unit can stand the rigors of below-grade installation, weather or assault from a determined adversary.

We find that our prices run about 20% lower than competitive products, and are of significantly higher grade. Our super-efficient design, and modular plant and construction processes are the key. Units come into the plant on one end for sandblasting and sanitizing, making their way across the floor to various work stations—interior, exterior, systems installation, etc. The unit never leaves our property from start to finish. When we’re done, it’s ready to ship, and when our customers receive their bunker or shelter, it’s ready to install.

Unique features
  • Water systems: We offer a 500 gal emergency water tank, installed underground and tapped into the bunker or shelter with a failsafe gravity delivery system.
  • CBRN: A bunker equipped with CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) protection is an underground safe-haven impervious to attack.
  • Bunker Blast hatch: Tornadoes, explosives, or attempts at entry can be thwarted with a blast hatch featuring a jack system. Bunker residents can wait out trouble knowing the 1700 lb blast hatch entryway is all secure from even the most determined unwanted visitor.
  • Escape Egress: A secondary entrance/egress provides escape in case the primary entrance is compromised.
  • Emergency lighting: Each unit has LED lighting tied into the main system.  If power fails your emergency, high-efficiency, super-long-life LED lights are activated.
  • Backup power: Electricity for low-powered devices like laptops, entertainment systems and LED lighting is provided through deep-cycle, rechargeable marine batteries. Mechanical recharging systems via light source or “muscle power” are also available.
  • Multi fuel stove – Optional, installed multi-fuel stove which burns LP. gas, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, alcohol…even whisky!
  • Food supplies and storage –  Units all have a dedicated storage area and come standard with a XYZ supply of food from Wise Foods.
Other features
  • Marine welds
  • 10 gauge steel with ¼ inch float resistant floor
  • Steel vents
  • Honeycombed steel reinforced walls and roof
  • Double locking door with security anti lock in feature
  • Under seat storage
  • Overhead lighting
  • Wall mounted first aid kit
  • Wall mounted flash light
  • 2 wool blankets
  • 1 bucket of Wise food
  • 1 case bottled water
  • Emergency crank radio
  • Powder coated interior and exterior finish
  • Rubber ½ inch thick matt flooring
  • Hand rails in stairwell entrance
Shelter 556 – Price tag- $6,499.00

This shelter is designed to hold up to 10 people sitting on comfortable benches and allows families of 2-5 a larger space to wait out a storm in comfort.  Measuring in a 6x8x6.5 the 556 is the most spacious in its class.  The 556 is designed and engineered to withstand EF5 tornado winds and allows the occupants the peace of mind as the storm blows over.

Wise also includes our steel bunker rated ventilation pipes with 90 degree weld on fittings, rain hood, gasket and anchors.  This ensures you will not be flooded in a non-flood zone simply by rainfall.  Sitting 4 ft above ground leaves you high and dry.  Using marine welds we ensure falling limbs or blowing debris will not damage or destroy your vent pipes and leave you exposed, and all-steel construction eliminates cracking, chipping or leaking inherent in concrete or fiberglass construction. Every unit comes with packaged emergency supplies and gear, staged and installed in your shelter.


  • Upgrade to a bunker blast door for $4,325.00
  • Full 12 volt electrical package $1,300.00
  • Fold out sleeping racks $245.00 each
Shelter 762 – Price Tag $7,499.00

This is the larger family shelter and can hold 16 adults on preinstalled, comfortable benches.  Measuring 7x10x 6.5 feet, the 762 is the leader in its class.  Offering families 4-6 a large and comfortable space in emergencies, the 762 is designed and engineered to withstand EF5 tornado winds.


  • Upgrade to a bunker blast door for $4,325.00
  • Full 12 volt electrical package $1,300.00
  • Fold out sleeping racks $245.00 each
Community Shelters

Wise Bunkers and Shelters also designs and builds large corporate and community shelters for both above ground and below ground use.  Please contact us for larger shelters and let one of our experienced staff members guide you through the options.

Above ground First Aid Station/Clinical facilities.  First responders in community or corporate settings can employ our above ground secured first aid station for post-disaster response. Organizations can also set medical units up as clinics for employee on-site injury or wellness application. Each unit is sold with built-in seating, lighting, heating and air, fully plumbed and designed to provide adequate space and facilities for basic medical clinic/triage center use.  Contact us for a free consultation and see why your business or community could benefit from a first aid/clinical facility.


Specs – 8×20 and 8×45 first Aid outpost are available