Armored double garage PG2 – Armored bulletproof steel

  • Dimensions 7.00 x 7.00 x 2.50 m. Armored steel, bullet-proof up to AK 47.
  • Gas cleaning system BS 40
  • Emergency lighting kit
  • Explosion protection / gas dampers
  • Nato armor door

Additional equipment options

  • CCTV secrurity system (closed-circuit television)
  • Motion detectors
  • Security door EMP proof (Elektromagnetic pulse)
  • Oxygen tracking device
  • Virtuel windows (simulated outlook, for room´s without a window)
  • Tear gas thrower (only for the purpose of defence)
  • Smoke thrower (for defence/deterrence purposes)

We are happy to advise you on your additional technical equipment 


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